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Tech Science

Versatile PowerBank embraces all USB standards

mobile_image d2dinfo

Indian computer peripherals and PC maker iBall, has once again come out with a compelling value proposition — proving that one can be innovative even in something as mundane and unsexy as a power bank. How do they do it?

This is how: The Model PB 7503C Zooooop (yes, with five ‘o’s!), a 7500 mAh power bank, has two inputs to charge it– one, a standard micro USB port and the second a Type C Port which offers Qualcomm’s QuickCharge QC 2.0 technology which promises to charge 75% faster than non-QC ports.

[amazon_link asins=’B071WS4R4Q,B071VSLJMJ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’d2dinfo-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’769ba951-72b1-11e7-b77d-d5af671c42cd’]

This Type C port also doubles as a charger of your devices—provided they are QC compatible.

The power bank has two standard USB ports for charging phones, music players, etc. If you use both at the same time, they deliver 5V at 1.2 amps each. If you use just one, it delivers 2.4 amps which makes for even faster charging. A button lets you press to check charging status on LED lamps. Initial charge of a new unit can take 5 hours

iBall has thoughtfully included two cables: one a standard USB micro to USB standard cable and the second a Type C to Type C. The product has received BIS certification and comes in 2 colours, silver and gold. Good, sound, value at Rs 2499.


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