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Tech Science

T. rex could not execute, but had a great excuse

T-rex | D2Dinfo

The massive dinosaur with tiny arms had a good reason not to run, say the researchers. T. rex probably did not pursue high-speed suits after the prey, say the researchers.
The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex may have avoided running as much as you did, but the dinosaur had a better excuse.

T. rex’s legs could have broken under its enormous size and weight, according to new research from the University of Manchester. The researchers came to the conclusion after T. rex’s approach and biomechanics were zeroed using high-performance computing technology.

The team developed a simulation model that combined two biomechanical techniques: multi-body dynamic analysis and skeletal stress analysis. This is the first time that the two have been used together to evaluate the ability to walk and race dinosaurs, according to a press release. The research was published Tuesday in PeerJ magazine.

Professor William Sellers, who led the team, said the results would have resulted in “unacceptable skeletal loads” for a T. rex. It also did not mean high-speed pursuits after the prey, for the relief of the prey that might surpass the beast.

I do not feel too bad for T. rex. Even though T. rex was heavier, he could still spray everything he caught with powerful jaws. In addition, his own Monopoly gaming chip comes this fall.

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