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Tech Science

The Next Level Of Google Maps with augmented reality and recommendation features

google maps d2dinfo

Google Maps will soon integrate directly with your camera to overlay key information like navigation directions and highlight points of interest like restaurants and businesses.

Google Maps is gaining personalized recommendations to suggest locations like trending restaurants based on your search history and interests. Soon, you’ll be able to send your friends a shortlist of restaurant options to put to a vote and quickly decide where to eat. Once you’ve decided, you can place an order or make a reservation with just one click.

Google unveiled new services for its mapping software that will give more direct access to retail businesses and personalized features. Two new additions save a user’s preferences and rankings for stores, restaurants and other buildings. “Now you can confidently pick the places that are best for you,” Google’s Jen Fitzpatrick, who leads Maps, said onstage at the company’s I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California.

At I/O, the internet search giant also introduced something called Visual Positioning System, a new way for people to find their own locations on Google Maps using their cameras and Google’s advanced computer-vision technology. The Visual Positioning System makes use of Google’s Street View database to precisely position the user for the most accurate results, meaning you should be able to reliably make use of these features almost anywhere. Just point your camera at a storefront to quickly see information like business hours and phone numbers.

The feature tackles a common problem when using Google Maps for walking directions: It’s not always clear which way to walk initially. Now users will be able to raise their phones and see an image of the street with a large arrow pointing the correct way.


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