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Tech Science

Intellectual property is gaining importance with investments in emerging technologies such as the AI

Artificial Intelligence | D2Dinfo

When Ashok Soota set up Happiest Minds in 2011, it was a particular attention to disruptive technologies AI. Needless to say, the creation of intellectual property (IP) was at the heart of this vision at the time.

“The creation of intellectual property is very important to us. Currently, IP-driven offers represent about 11 percent of our business and the goal is to bring it to 20 percent soon,” said Soota, Happiest Minds.

Happiest Minds is perhaps among the first engines, focusing on the creation of intellectual property as a key differentiating factor. Traditionally, IT service providers have moved away from patent filing, even if they created intellectual property, given the importance attached to services.

However, this has undergone a radical change in recent years. GH Rao, President, Engineering and R & D Services, HCL Technologies said: “On the one hand, engineering is moving globally today through reduced product life cycles, convergence And connectivity and SMAC connectivity and the emergence of digital natives, and a higher order of services (managed, accelerated, risk-sharing). Including their PSEs) by concentrating more on IP creation “.

The company has filed patents across functions, such as engineering analyzes that speed up the way the analyzes are normally performed and more efficiently. These patents are used to allow fast and accurate information on large data.

In the previous year, the number of patents filed and held by Wipro increased by 50%. In its annual report, Wipro said: “We have a dedicated unit to generate non-linear revenue growth by leveraging IP products, platforms and solutions, as well as automation, commercial constructions Innovative and delivery models. Our investments in emerging technology Artificial intelligence, data analysis and digital has resulted in 603 patents last year alone “.

This change in the areas where companies are concentrating is one of the main reasons why the creation of intellectual property has become so important. Many invest in research and innovation laboratories to create intellectual property, separate from everyday operations.

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