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Tech Science

Google Is Replacing Drive Storage With “Google One’” Plans


Google is restructuring  its paid cloud storage service. The new system includes a revamped price structure, some promised extras, a family plan, and perhaps most useful of all, unlimited free access to live help for all of Google’s consumer products and services. It’s called Google One.

Google storage plans apply to multiple services across Google’s cloud. For example, adding more storage to your account gives you more space for Gmail, Google Photos, and general file storage in Drive. This could be a little confusing as the old storage plans show up as part of Drive. Google One will be marketed as an overall Google subscription, and storage space is just part of the deal.

The new price structure

Here is a cost comparison of Google’s current monthly storage options with what we know about Google 1.

Storage              Current                        Google One
15 GB                    Free                                 Free
100 GB                $1.99/month                  $1.99/month
200 GB                Not available                 $2.99/month
1 TB                     $9.99/month                  Not available
2 TB                    $19.99/month                $9.99/month

Signing up for the 2 TB option for a year results in significant savings. Here’s how the Google One plan compares to other cloud-storage services.

Service             One year cost
Amazon              $59.99 for 1 TB / $119 for 2 TB
Apple                  $120 for 2 TB
Dropbox            $99 for 1 TB
Google One       $99 for 2 TB
Microsoft          $99 for 1 TB

Google One isn’t available now and if you don’t have a paid storage plan, it won’t be coming until later this year. People with paid storage plans will be automatically upgraded to Google One and notified by email over the coming months.

If Google One sounds attractive, you can sign up to be notified of developments as Google rolls out the service.

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