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Tech Science

Facebook Claims That Our Bank Details Will Only Be Used For Improving Chatbots


2018 is already becoming a big nightmare for Facebook, and there are still 5 months left. The social media giant has already experienced serious problems after revelations were made about the misuse of usage data by the Cambridge Analytica data analytics company. Recently, Facebook’s valuation dropped by $ 120 billion following a briefing on disastrous profits regarding declining user growth and various new policy restrictions.

After all this, a new Wall Street Journal report has been released, indicating that Facebook would have used banks to obtain detailed financial information about its users to boost user engagement. This seems a bit cheeky on Facebook, given all the scandals he has faced in recent months. Although we certainly would not want to see Facebook near our financial records, all right. Facebook spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana said in an interview with TechCrunch .It does not ask for bank transaction data from banks and does not want to create a dedicated banking function to interact with your accounts. The recordings improve the chatbot interaction on their Messenger application. This is not news as the report indicates that Facebook has already established a partnership with PayPal in more than 40 countries to allow users to receive their payment receipts using Messenger.

“The idea is that messaging with a bank can be more efficient than waiting on the phone – and that it is completely optional – we do not use this information beyond these types of experiences – not for the advertising or something else, part of these partnerships is about keeping people information safe” Diana told TechCrunch, adding that Facebook has already been contacted by several banks for a potential partnership, but how do you trust Facebook The Cambridge Analytica scandal has opened the door to the negligence of large technology companies with a large amount of data about their users.Data protection.In all cases, it seems that banks are not quite open to the idea of ​​acquiring financial data from their users on Facebook.NY Daily News reported that a spokesman for Wells La mu The US National Financial Services said that “maintaining the confidentiality of customer data is of paramount importance to Wells Fargo. We are not actively engaged in data sharing conversations with Facebook. “It remains to be seen if Facebook is still going ahead with obtaining bank records by being fully aware of a brutal reaction if it follows.

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