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7 Things To Avoid Talking On Your First Date!

If you’re going on your first date with a woman you really dig, your main agenda should not be to take her home. Wait, Why do you look so surprised? Come on, give it a minute! Your main agenda should be to figure how to get to date number two with her!

Most men can’t wait to hit the sack with them ladies, without realizing that it takes at least 3 good dates to actually make her fall for you. If you’re just looking for a one night stand, then maybe this article is not for you. Or maybe this article can work for those who’re looking to score too. You just need to be a good ‘conservationist’ and keep off a few topics, for your own good. If not, you’re just gonna go back home with bad memories and no phone number.

So here are 7 main things you should definitely not talk about, on your first date with her.

1. Your Ex, Her Ex

You really don’t want to open any X-files on your first date, do you? Why talk about your past when you have so much to talk about in the present. If you really want to talk about your dating life from the past, maybe keep it vague? Don’t divulge unnecessary deets, because you never know what your date discards or what she takes into account from your past. In any case, if you do get that second date, you have all the time to open up to them about personal stuff, later.

2. Don’t Go On About Yourself

It’s okay to talk about yourself and let her know you a little on the first date, but it’s not okay to only talk about yourself. Your first date with her should be like a game of ping-pong, where both of you get an equal chance to talk and share things from your life. If the conversation is only about you, she’s just going to assume you’re conceited or full of yourself, and you don’t want her to think that!

3. Politics Or Religion

I mean, yeah, you can talk about politics or religion but first dates should be about ‘where you grew up’ or ‘what you like doing in your free time’ kinda questions. You can talk about your political or religious preferences or have a debate about either, but that would probably lead to a heavier discussion and take you away from getting to know everything else about her; the more basic, fundamental stuff. Keep things simple on the first date.

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4. Money Talks

Well, some people have it and some people don’t and if you have it, don’t talk about it and make her uncomfortable. Just, don’t. You don’t need to discuss your personal or official finances with her. At least not right now. Honestly, anything money related should not be coming out from your mouth, but just your wallet, if you’re paying for the date i.e.

5. Don’t Lower Your Self Esteem

You may not like a few things about yourself but that doesn’t mean she has to know about them? It’s absolutely fine to have flaws and faults, but to lament about them instead of doing something about it, is a turn off and just lame. She definitely doesn’t need to know how you think you’re not good looking enough, or how you hate the hair on your ass. If you’re fishing for compliments by making her realise your flaws, stop fishing! At least don’t bring up things you don’t like about yourself on the first date.

6. Revealing More Than You Should

In your excitement to just talk, don’t go overboard by talking about too much too soon. Keep some of it layered, and in mystery. Women like a mysterious man and if they are curious about you they will surely want to see you for a second date. So, if you’re talking about a future, don’t reveal more than you have to. For all you know, you’ll see her cringing through her meal while you tell her the names of your future son and daughter.

7. Sex Talk

Only if the conversation naturally flows towards sex, then it’s fine to talk about it, but don’t bring it up independently because you never know how she’ll react to it. If you’re out for a hook-up and she’s in for the same too, then perhaps it’s okay to discuss sex in detail, because you both are on the same page, but if you really want that second date, wait it out? What’s the rush?

So, there we have it, 7 main things you should not talk about on your first date and if you really refrain from talking about these things, we can definitely say with utmost surety, you’re gonna get that second date, mate!

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