//China built a solar farm on 250-acre in the shape of a giant panda
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China built a solar farm on 250-acre in the shape of a giant panda

Most solar farms align their solar arrays in rows and columns to form a grid.

A new solar power plant in Datong, China, however, decided to have fun with its design. China Merchants New Energy Group, one of the country’s largest clean energy operators, has built a 248-acre solar farm in the form of a giant panda.

The first phase, which includes a 50-megawatt plant, was completed on June 30, according to PV magazine. The project has just begun providing a grid in a grid in northwestern China, and a second panda is planned for this year.

Called Panda Power Plant, it will produce 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours of solar energy in 25 years, according to the company. This will eliminate about million tones of coal that would have been used to generate electricity, reducing carbon emissions by 2.74 million tones.

China Merchants New Energy Group has worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to make the Panda Power Plant a reality. The project is part of a wider effort to educate young people in China about clean energy, UNDP said in a statement.

The groups hope to build more panda-shaped solar plants throughout China over the next five years.

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